April 19, 2017
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March 30, 2017

From the 8th evening to the 9th morning of March 2016, Sigi District, Central Sulawesi will become the center point on earth to witness a total solar eclipse that will only happen again in the universe in the next 250 years. For indigenousDa’a tribe in Sigi, this universal darkness has to be responded by salvation ritual in order to save our planet and mankind. This is the main reason why we organize Sigi Sacred Arts Festival in the village of Da’a tribe located in the mountain of Matantimali.

On this occasion, we will invite indigenous peoples from all over the world come to Sigi attending and performing their rituals during the festival. Our goal is to preserve and provide a global platform for the sacred arts practice of indigenous peoples across the globe. Hence SSAF will be held annually. We would also use this sacred moment of total solar eclipse for a global gathering and declaration to save our green planet by spreading the message of peace and tolerance through arts and rituals among nations on this planet. By the same token, we would also like to address the sacred highland of Matantimali, the home of Da’a tribe, to become the ground for the world sacred arts festival. Come and enjoy our festival while watching the total solar eclipse in our sacred highland with the Da’a tribe.